Stem Projects For Kids And Families


Stem Projects, Arduino Bilds and Teck Hack Projects for kids and families

This is such an exciting and innovative time for discovery and technology, as it is also a very important time to fuel a young child's mind by planting seeds of possibilities and accomplishments with at home projects and fun activities they are not able to explore in school.

For all age groups, check out these sites and blogs for fabulous and easy projects to get you started

Stem Project Ideas for Kids | DIY Joy Blog

100+ Arduino Builds And Supply List | Arduino Kids Project Hub

Broken To Useful Tech Hack Projects | Instructables

I am loving the recent news and young social media getting excited about deepfake AI technology bringing old photographs to life animating them and the recent chorus of historical figures.  I suppose this is the race, an intro to smart holography in our homes as a lifestyle and tool.  

My secret wish for the future?.... I can't wait for those young minds build me my very own toy with a billiard size tablescape of the Serengeti or a Rainforest with palm size fleshy creatures roaming on it and feathery flights hovering above it, sound and all!

~ Tala


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