Living On Prickly Pear | Nopal Recipes And Meals

Prickly Pear Nopal Recipes And Meal Roundup

When I lived in the south and my tribe was young, we were expert hiker foragers for prickly pears knowing the perfect spots where these cacti grew in the wild and near the brackish coast.  Part of our regular diet then, and now a rare find at the grocer, there are many ways to prepare and enjoy this delightful edible.

Nopal Cactus Recipes for Meals and Deserts

Prickly Pear, known by many names including Nopal or Devils Tongue, can be eaten as a sweet fruit or used in recipes from desserts to dinner meals and is packed full of healthy things to fuel your body!   Follow along for a roundup of treats

Nopal Meal Recipes

To your health!

~ Tala


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