Hardware Store Crafts and Decor


shop your local hardware store for crafting and decorating

Looking for a hidden gem to procure supplies for crafting and making decor items that aren't exactly industrial but add an element of interest in every style?

Shop your local home improvement or hardware store!  

Be inspired and find out how with these ideas and tutorials from expert Makers:

25 Crafty Projects From Home Improvement Store Supplies | Remodaholic Blog

10 Decor Project Ideas From The Hardware Store | Pretty Prudent Blog

9 Plumbing Supply Crafts | Good Housekeeping 

4 Creative Crafts With Hardware Store Items | The Girl Creative Blog

10 DIY Hardware Store Projects | Martha Stewart 

Bonus tip - some of the larger home improvement stores have blogs for Maker Crafters and Kids Crafts that feature unique projects for the home and yard that aren't just lumber and paint.... check it out!

Lowes Craft Blog

Home Depot Crafts

Ace Hardware Crafts

~ Tala


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