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Cow themed craft, food and decor tutorials

Aren't they a cute portrait?   Wow,  how trends have changed.....

From Ax Throwing entertainment in city bars to Cow Cuddling on farms and ranches, the new "hugging a cow therapy" for stress relaxation and abundance of happiness explained, which I linked with a great video and therapeutic origin thanks to The Pioneer Woman blog. 

But, we all can't lay hands on a real cow - so, here are some fabulous tutorials from expert Makers that you can try for some crafty cow themed therapy to relax with and enjoy!

Painting Tutorial Video - Paint A Cow In 30 Minutes | Art Therapy

Amigurumi Cow Tutorial and Pattern | Grace And Yarn

Cute Cow Cake To Bake & Decorate |A Classic Twist

Tooling Cattle Tag Jewelry & Accessories | Aldens School Of Leather

Make A Faux Cowhide Rug | The DIY Mommy

Cow Print Jars & Bottles | Kansas Living Magazine

Make Yourself A Cow Costume | Wiki How

Raise the barn and have some fun!

~ Tala


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