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How relevant are current events and influencers in guiding your crafting inspiration?  I would say quite relevant!    Perhaps the source and the outcome is a catch-22 or a chicken and the egg riddle - but these reads in my recent feed are the pulse of what is trending in obtaining and finding harmony in "the" desired lifestyle one is seeking at the moment.

We have been enjoying movies and film like Bridgerton, The Borgias and new Reign episodes that have influenced even my style.  It is all about the details and its all the rage!  Although I really wished Mrs Maisel hopped the plane with Shy Baldwin before the pandemic and disappeared into the skyline, I need to wait for the new series to begin.  In the meantime, get a taste of the fashion and accessories with A Medieval Noblewoman's Guide To Dressing Up and a hot trend in renaissance inspired looks via Yahoo Life

Gardening Trends | Its Handmade Blog

During last spring, gardening news was full of strategies for Victory Gardens and tips for growing your own, about the mental health aspects, and simply activities for the children and families to pass the quarantine time.  It turned out that we ended up homesteading even longer than we wanted .... and we watched our gardens grow.

Gamer Trends

Quarantining, isolation and gaming became a new normal - and gaming disrupted so many trends in every genre from our furniture decor, accessories, art, and casual fashion, to the little handmade seller with greeting cards!  

Indoor House Plant

Lastly, you need a Fiddle Tree because that is what the trends are telling me with a smile.   A dream house plant that is uncomplicated, perfect for cozy places, and even loves the bathroom humidity! 

recipes to celebrate with

Yes, the Roaring 20s of this decade are coming and things will change ..... and there will always be fashion trend, home trend, game innovation to watch for.   

But I think I will have a fiddle tree..... and always be gracefully agile.

~ Tala


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