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DIY Craft Chess Set and Board Tutorials

Ah chess,...... for me baby food was checkers and chess was like starting the first day of school.  

Yes, I grew up sitting at a backyard picnic table beside a rose trellis with my grandfather as my chess tutor.  If I close my eyes I could remember a moment with my grandmother standing quietly nearby wringing her apron as I faced my granddad who was beside himself smiling, anxiously anticipating my next move ... and a rousing delightful reaction from both to a successful move taking down the king.  Perhaps a bit nerdy - but I was often told that life is an endless game of chess and how true is that? 

It is actually a very ancient game and who knew it could later be interpreted into such a poetic fairytale as well?  

Last week I finished reading Scachs d'Amor, a poem written with the rules of chess.  This manuscript sent me on a daydream adventure into medieval history trying to figure out the houses, who exactly the bishops were, the pawn crusaders, and of course the brave knights!  I fabulously enjoyed every word and am so glad I discovered it.

Therefore, I think everyone should be familiar with the discipline of chess and build their own adventures with these crafty diys from expert makers

DIY Wood Chessboard | Instructables

Modern Resin Backlit Chess Set DIY | The Awesomer 

Make A Chess Board With Tiles | Faithful Readers 

Paint A Chessboard Table | DIY Beautiful

Make A Kids Craft Paper and Stone Chess Set | Easy Peasy Fun

About making pieces for your board - there are no rules, only creative imagination.


~ Tala



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