Sock Makeovers | DIY To Personalize

diy and how to for clever and stylish sock makeovers

My tribe is into socks!   For real - the crazier the better, the goofier the cuter, and the unpredictable prints such as minions or surfboards with a work formal attire for the dudes always gets a smile.  So with the weather turning cooler and time to cover the ankles - enjoy these cute tutorials for personalizing your socks or surprising someone with a unique sock gift:

DIY Ruffle Socks

Make cozy socks from an upcycled sweater

customize and personalize your socks with a how to embroidery

make trendy historical over the knee ribbon socks

diy trendy sheer tulle socks

Socks in the city, or socks in the suburbs, or wherever you may be - enjoy these how-tos to make your own custom pair of wild socks   ~ Tala


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