Make A Victorian Carpet Bag

Learn how to make a Mary Poppins style Victorian Carpet Bag

With the coming of fall and all of it's fabulous fashions that reflect the mood and beauty of the season - I just adore the eclectic style, fabric textures and prints of a carpet bag style carryall. 

Perfect for a laptop, your little accessory bags for cosmetics and hair grooming, our new covid survival supplies, an eyeglass case and a wallet.   Roomy and stylish!

Mary Poppins may have claimed the style first, but did you know what she kept in her magical bag?.... an apron, a packet of hairpins, a bottle of scent, a small folding armchair, a packet of throat lozenges, a large bottle of dark red medicine, seven flannel nightgowns, one pair of boots, a set of dominoes, two bathing caps, one postcard album, one folding camp bedstead, blankets and an eiderdown.   I will let you figure out what an eiderdown is :-)

Nonetheless - this is a must have modern fashion staple - although when making one, I would suggest a little comfort with a coordinating strap and buckle that you can always tuck in as to not ruin the aesthetic. 

Tutorial for making a Mary Poppins inspired Carpet Bag

With a spoonful of sugar, enjoy making your own!

~ Tala


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