Easy Jar Candle Making Tutorials

melt and pour scented jar candle tutorials
Making candles in jars from melted wax is rather standard, no test tubes needed, but making them with your favorite scents, jars and vessels to match your decor, and types of burn you want is customized to you and only your preference.

Basic Candle Making:
  1.  Trim the wicks to fit your container and dot some glue at the bottom to center them
  2.  Melt the wax in either a double-boiler, wax melter, or you can use a microwave
  3.  Add your favorite scent and color
  4.  Pour the wax into a glass, concrete or metal vessel
  5.  Let cool, then light it up and enjoy!

Now, here are the little considerations to make your homemade candles special and uniquely yours:

Scent Throw - is a term used to describe how the way the candle smells when cold and the aroma it produces when hot - or - how potent the candle is to give off the perfect scent.  Candle Science gives you a quick lesson you need to find the balance.

Soy vs Wax - is an ongoing debate and a preference but basically the choice is naturally organic with essential oils or paraffin enhanced chemical base and scent boost.  The point is to enjoy both making and the pleasure of burning your candle.

Unique Candle Containers - You can use anything that is fire safe as your candle container and choose from teacups, to decorative jars, diy concrete pieces, easy metalcraft upcycle, and many many more clever vessels ideas.  Link to these maker expert blogs for ideas:


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