Writing The Best Handmade Product Descriptions

writing intriguing and powerful handmade product descriptions that sell

While online shopping recently - a coffee maker caught my eye.  

As I was reading the product description for this standard manufactured utility, I was thirsty while Govi's Andalusian Nights were serenading me in my head about blending cappuccino and espresso flavors with instructions on how to handle this hot mess of a device.  I really needed a coffee, I kid you not!

convert sales with product descriptions that sell your handmade

So what does that tell me as a handmade seller myself?   

Content matters!  

As a refresher, or if you are new to online selling - I am posting a few good reminders, reads, and a video regarding content and how important it is to sway the customer and convert a looker to a done deal.

Tips for writing product descriptions that sell

Follow along for some expert tips:

expert tips and examples of writing product descriptions for online selling

product description writing tips for online craft sellers

Before I finish up here, be mindful that online selling is multi-cultural and can take you global by using multilingual content with keywords that evoke sentiment.

Cheers to success!

~ Tala


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