Wheat Weaving, Straw Art and Corn Dolly DIY

learn about the history of wheat and straw weaving and make your own straw art

I once read a historical novel that absolutely enchanted me.  

Taking place a long time ago and in a place far away, the setting was a harvest festival celebration as the fires burned at midnight.  With good cheer and pride in their fortune cultivating an abundant harvest, neighbors sang and danced as horses pulled wagons decorated with flowers that carried the last bundles of the harvest away.   During that time and for this celebration, it was customary to weave and make a figurine which was a token of gratitude that was later tossed in the air to be caught by a blessed soul.  The words of this particular ritual painted such a vivid picture in my mind that I wanted to be a part of this fascination - but since we are not time travelers, exploring the cultures in my blog and making this art is the next best thing!

Follow along and link to some history and tutorials about wheat weaving, corn dolly making, and straw art:

techniques for weaving and making straw art

Cultural guide to wheat and straw art

Corn Husk Dolls Tutorial

I encourage you to try this craft and support handmade artisans that practice this ancient art-form!


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