Mini Food Treats For Kids | Recipe

40 cute and delicious mini food treat recipes for kids

Once upon a time, my tribe had the best nanny ever and I always kept a treat jar on the counter.  

Never passing up a teaching moment - Mrs C, our nanny, once said to the short one as she placed some mini cookies in front of him "I'm going to give you 5 cookies and take 2 away, what are you left with?"  The short one looked at her with a pout and said " I am LEFT very, very sad " ..... but this is the same short one that when caught in the act insisted to me he did not draw on the wall - the crayon did!   So - treats, math lessons and kids go hand in hand.

My treat to you is this post for when the boredom sets in or the storms start to rumble - head to the kitchen and do math with something tasty!

Make ahead or with your kids - enjoy this collection of recipes!

~ Tala


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