Make It With Raffia | Projects Using Raffia Yarn

easy summer perfect craft and crochet projects to DIY with raffia

Raffia can have the stylish feels of summer straw and look of early fall harvest - and its fabulous to work with.  

You can now find raffia yarn available in a plethora of colors and trendy color blends - pastel pale shades, wildly vibrant colors, rustic earthy tones and trendy tie-dye.  You can decide on your project, pick the shade that suits you and coordinate.

Be inspired to create with raffia yarn!   

Raffia Hoop Earring tutorial

raffia yarn crochet sun hat tutorial

craft DIY using raffia yarn for home decor

make a raffia headband tutorial

how to make raffia pom-poms tutorial

And there you have it!..... Oodles of trendy cool hook and hand crochet raffia tutorials and some awesome looking style.   Whats your favorite?  Leave a comment or share a link

~ Tala


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