Essentials For A Cozy Handmade Evening

delicious dinner, soothing violet soap recipe, a cozy armknit throw, a good read
What does it mean when it is 6 o'clock and my eyes cant stay open feeling like they are filled with sand ..... it means I have de-stressed and am enjoying a very cozy handmade Sunday night.

It was a busy fun week and weekend with lots of goodness coming up!

Looking forward to my 9-5 that excites me and is interactive all day long, some interesting blog posts in the queue I prepped for you yesterday, more designing and shipping planned for the evenings,  and an Amazon Accelerate Virtual Sellers Conference  agenda I am blocking out with topics I cant wait to participate in.

But tonight ..... i'ts totally me time to savor!

A delicious baked eggplant dinner with baby reds and a salad - no sauce because the flavor is way too good to drown in tomato!

recipe for baked eggplant casserole dinner

A hot bath with luscious and tender wild violet scented soap

wild lavender soap recipe

A cozy arm-knit handmade throw you can make

and.... A really good read about powerful women in history

amazon Fire Kindle historical novels

Have a wonderful evening!

~ Tala


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