Air Dry Clay Recipe & Projects

Easy air dry clay recipe using simple household ingredients and project idea
As an artist, I keep a tub of air dry clay around when working out ideas for a project, or sometimes I use as a substitute for actual more expensive materials before I figure out what I want to do, and other times simply for the joy of whimsy.

It is fabulous to work with - you can sculpt with it, mold with it, add inclusions, paint it - and then smile as you embellish your world with it!

You can purchase it pre-made in packs and tubs or follow the recipe below using simple household ingredients:

DIY Air Dry Clay Recipe | Whats Up Moms YouTube

So - now that you have the clay, what can you do with it? 

Link to Air Clay Projects on Craftgawker for a feed to project tutorials like the ones I am posting below, and many more, that were sent in by maker bloggers!

Craftgawker Air Clay Project Tutorials

Happy Crafting!

~  Tala


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