A Handmade Business Emergency Plan

I connected with my young one this morning and we discussed the hurricane concerns brewing from the gulf, having lived in Tampa Bay for a long time my tribe is not a stranger to tropical storms.

So I told him not to worry about me because my business and I have the ability to be agile - and reminded him that I should take care of myself in civilized comfort so I can keep my business going, continue to work from home with my 9-5, and therefore take care of him and the tribe.  His reply.....  he sent me a link to K/DA The Baddest.

Its true, and funny - but I need to ask you as a small business owner - if you had to evacuate in ten minutes and set up shop uninterrupted somewhere else without breaking a sweat and in an hour or two... could you do it?  Heres how:

Keep a minimalist approach to life and business because the more you have, the more you are responsible for - and that may impede and ground you with brick and mortar care, financial obligations and everything else that comes with "things" such as insuring and protecting them.

Stay Organized and keep it simple with just one place to journal because you can store and fit way more in the cloud than a filing cabinet

Use Services and Technology with your inventory supplies ordering only what you use, and a fulfillment storage and shipping service for stockpiling your future sales when you are done making your inventory.  If the Christmas shopping season was now and if I'm out of the ability to do business with no lights, supplies and no shipping - I am out of the ability to make money!.... but thankfully I am not and will not be because of my business model decisions.

It may be a bit easier for me because my family is older now, I have no obligations except to success, and I want to be a carefree.   Everything I do in life and business reflects adventure, happiness, and trends with the way the world is evolving because I own less but have more.

Now, I wonder if my 9-5 boss would go for the idea of me working under a palm tree in the islands somewhere, serious!  No one would know....

Think butterflies and hurricanes, and be safe!

~ Tala


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