Staying Creatively Motivated

Staying Creatively Motivated | Its Handmade Blog

Thinking about all of you as I sit here embracing my roots and staying busy keeping up on trends.  I have been distracting with books and podcasts, learning new things along the way that I would love to share with you today.

This has been a long few months of making sourdough bread, museum dress-up challenges and coffee filter art, hasn't it? 

Well, now that the panic has subsided, I can share what I really want to say to you.  

We have been on the cusp of this new normal for a very long time and were suddenly thrust into a taste of a future lifestyle our children and grandchildren will live.   My gypsy soul was more than half way there already, so adapting was second breath and there was no sentimentality of giving up a "lifestyle routine" going to a new normal that I structure my life around already.   Understandably, for some it was more difficult and that is okay.  You adjusted.

This virtual future lifestyle is very exciting!   Just imagine - young children having the ability to learn from home with competitive academic choices combined with computer learning and interactive friends from every corner of the world.   You being able to work from home and manage your businesses cost effectively and efficiently with virtual task helpers.  Most importantly to be comfortable in a lifestyle of your choosing and not be limited to a location because of work or reside in a neighborhood with the best school system.   It's freedom and it's choice.....  and the future is here:

It has been an inspiring introspection putting the puzzle pieces of my destiny together.  

On a lighter note, I can share that - I cant wait to go shopping and see what became of the pastel gorgeous and nostalgic seersucker trend I was looking forward to for spring and summer,  am finishing up a fabulous and enlightening book about the politics and religion of making saints, and have been delightfully waltzing on the astral plane with fabulous new sounds I found at the Smithsonian Space Songs Concert this month.   

Be well, stay motivated and stay healthy,



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