Tips To Lessen Children's Trauma During Coronavirus

Lesson the trauma Coronavirus with these tips geared toward children

Creatives and DIYers are such a resourceful caring community! 

After what seemed like endless days of horrible dystopian news, I am so pleased to finally see positive community spirit in my social media feeds!  I have read maker tutorials for health and safety related items and folks donating time and talent to their community.

Today tho, I want to contribute a few words geared more toward the short ones in our lives - with a reminder to be mindful of their trauma and fears living thru this episode in time.

Young ones are sensitive, so keep the nightmares calm with a fun kid-friendly mask fabric design pattern

kid friendly mask designs

Bubbles are fabulous and your kids wont stop washing their hands if you let them make their own soap, with supervision of course!

childrens soap tutorial from PBS kids

Empower the children around you with facts about the virus - turn off the media sound, talk to your child at a developmentally appropriate level, and most importantly - listen to their anxieties

Be safe and stay healthy,

~ Tala


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