Managing Your 9-5 WFH and A Small Business

Tips for Managing your 9-5 and Handmade Business Work From Home

Entrepreneurs and mom-preneurs are pros at managing home life and their 9-5 job cohesively with a home based business .... but when that 9-5 "work from home" invades, things could get a little interesting without a plan and a schedule.  With that in mind, read along for some tips I could share balancing life, 9-5, and my small business:

Routines are disciplines.  Sticking to the same schedule of waking up, getting ready and dressed for work keeps it normal - just as you were going to the office every day except now without the commute.  Keep wearing that lipstick and get out of those pajama pants because when you feel great - everything you do reflects great!   

Keeping dedicated spaces both for my 9-5 and my handmade business was a day one adjustment.  I know the temptations of sketching out new designs or pairing color combinations all too well.  Take the extra few minutes to put your work away and don't blend your jobs.

Set ground rules for interruptions which may include visitors, texts, or phone calls.

Inspiration and mood lifters are little pleasures - so put some pretty flowers on your work-space, light a scented candle, or enjoy softly playing music in the background.

Get social with your coworkers conferencing collaborations,  staying in touch with daily task activities, and stay social on social media after hours during a very isolating social-distancing time.

Take breaks for lunch, get some fresh air, exercise often and consider a standing desk.

Your employers sent you home because they care about you, which means you need to do your part with self-care staying physically and emotionally healthy - because that is important for mutual success! 

~ Tala


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