3 Ways Of Getting Your Handmade Business Thru A Crisis

Tips and inspiration of getting your handmade business thru a crisis

Unexpected crisis can impact your business at any time - and some of us have weathered short term catastrophes having our businesses coming back to life stronger with new implemented practices from lessons learned.  

For many Handmade Sellers, sadly the sales have come to a complete halt with future shows and exhibiting events cancelled along with sheltering in place orders with the inability to source supplies or ship the goods.

For other Handmade Sellers it has been a bit easier with their inventory stored at fulfillment centers available for online shopping and shipping, or they have brand recognition with their product's future orders wholesaled.

Whatever category your business is in, I can tell you that you can do the following 3 key things NOW to position your handmade business for survival and on to success:

1.  Keep creating - this is a temporary situation and there will be a demand again.  Creativity and ingenuity go hand in hand, so use this down time as a perfect time to make a plan to expand your product catalog, come up with new designs or try different materials.  Be inspired by following the trades and trends.

2.  Sell, Store and Ship your handmade goods with fulfillment centers - your online shop is always open and your goods are available direct to customer 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - in a crisis or when you sip your daiquiri on vacation!

3.  Start your handmade blog and stay social - let your customers see you and get to know you & your craft

tips for getting your handmade business thru a crisis

My heart goes out to so many talented creatives suffering during this epidemic crisis - I sympathize with your worries and understand the impact that this has on the survival of your business, and know that.....   You will get thru this! 

I would be delighted if you were to drop a comment or question below, or find me on my Handmade Twitter daily for a quick chat

~ Tala


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