Salvaged Wood From Historic Places | New Jersey

This is what is important. As time goes by places change, evolve and rebuild -  or are remade into other things like these examples of handcraft from historic woods. 

Historic woods are salvaged pieces and remnants of places of historical significance or a place where an historic event took place.  

Designed with wood acquired from the restoration of Independence Hall in 1898, this fountain pen was made from structure wood during the time of the 1st Continental Congress gathering and when the Constitution was debated, put to paper and signed.  These beams felt the footsteps of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin among many others. 
Crafted in West Creek,  New Jersey
fountain pen from the salvaged wood of Independence Hall restoration

Rings made from the decks of the USS New Jersey, a battleship that served in WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, and kept watch during the Cold War era. After serving 21 years of active duty she is now a museum ship docked in Camden, NJ

wedding rings made from the decks of the battleship USS New Jersey

Taking fragments of plaster wall of a 1900's home in Belmar, pieces of a 1930's bungalow in Highlands and spindles from a railing in Beach Haven West - a beautiful artisan triangular point New Jersey shaped wall art was created.

wall art created from salvaged wood pieces from SuperStorm Sandy

Right out of the history books and to be appreciated, because every bit of history we can salvage is a living memory and for future generations.



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