Top 10 Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes | Holiday Baking

Top 10 Easy Family Baking Recipes For The Holidays

Holiday baking has been a thing with my tribe over the years - and I'm delighted to share some cookie recipes and similar ones that are our favorites for gifting, cookie exchanges and just snacking thru the holidays!

holiday cookie recipes and helpful tips

But first - the tools!   

A cookie press with various template inserts is a must have and great fun for kids of all ages.  Secondly - gather an assortment of cookie cutters including the gingerbread man.  Lastly, a good stand mixer and some bowls with lids that are refrigerator safe - because you can pre-make the batter for later baking.  

Christmas Cookie Recipes for gifting and cookie exchanges

Get your sprinkles ready, and lets get started!

1.   Classic Spritz Cookies -  link to Sally's Baking Addiction Blog for a fabulous intro to Spritz Cookies with a step by step tutorial and guide for using a cookie press

Classic Spritz Cookies

2.  Peanut Butter Blossoms -  recipe from Betty Crocker with a batch quantity enough for a cookie exchange!

Peanut Butter Blossoms

3.  Buttery Vanilla Sugar Cookies - from a Taste of Home Blog, link to the recipe and cookie decorating tips for these melt in your mouth favorites

Buttery Vanilla Sugar Cookies

4.  Butter and Jam Thumbprints - a kid friendly recipe from Food Network

Butter and Jam Thumbprint Cookies

5.  Fudgy Brownie Cookies  a brownie thats a cookie and with chocolate chips from Cafe Delites Blog

Fudgy Brownie Cookiese

6.  Holiday Pretzel Sticks - Cute sweet and salty treats that are easy to make 

7.  Southern Living Rum Balls - if you knew how tasty and delicious these were, you would make them all the time! 

8.  Shortbread Cookies - make the classic cookie or try a flavored variation from Delish Blog

Classic and Flavored Shortbread Cookies

9. Christmas Snickerdoodle Cookie  a simple and delicious cookie from The Pioneer Woman

snickerdoodle holiday cookie recipe

10.  Gingerbread Cookies -  a timeless ginger and spice flavored cookie recipe from King Arthur Flour 

classic gingerbread cookie recipe from King Arthur Flour

Tastefully yours

~ Tala


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