Seller Success Assessment

Handmade Marketplace Tips and Year End Seller Assessment

Things do not always go the way you plan them!  

Perhaps sales have lagged, your product launch fizzled, or events have been cancelled - all due to circumstances beyond your control.

Well, I have one thing to say to you .... Huge Congratulations, .....because despite the obstacles - you've hung in there like a warrior!   

Now it's time to Pivot & Plan with some self reflection.  Lets take a good look at your achievements and your business plan while giving thought to
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What were the difficulties or struggles you overcame?
  • What did you learn, change or implement to better your business?
  • What did you wish you did and what will you do next year?

Lets begin:

Branding Your Work
For the longest time I tried to keep everything I do as separate creatures, each a unique identity.  I certainly AM busy with my own handmade brand producing my original designs, as well as my making and marketing.  This blog, It's Handmade Blog, and my handmade opinions on social media are my mentoring while solving the trend puzzle, and it has always been my passion promoting the handmade arts and creative ingenuity.  The two are unique - but one helps the other in many ways and most especially I feed from the blog's inspiration.
Link to  Start Your Handmade Blog

keeping a planner or journal for business success

Time Management
My struggle has never been time management - the ability to distinguish between doing the things I want to do and the things that I need to do.  In addition to my various ventures, I work a demanding full week which happens to be WFH at the moment.  As entrepreneurs, we are accustomed to multi-tasking and keeping a task and goal journal for planning ahead to keep things on track that are business necessary while being mindful that self care is golden.
Link to Journal and Planner Tips

photography tips for handmade sellers

Improvements Matter
Fast free shipping matters and photography matters!  I happen to sell my handmade on Amazon and honestly would not be able to have a 9-5 work life life along with a thriving handmade business without a fulfillment service and access to their business apps that are included as an Amazon shop business.  Both facets are crucial.   To be able to have my product made ahead of purchase and stored, available to my customer for fast shipping.  Equally important is to be able to have my inventory product rendered picture perfect to listing specs with an intuitive built in photography app that doesn't need more than a tabletop and white paper to point and shoot is a miracle.  

Link to Photography Tips for Handmade Sellers
Link to Fulfillment Service for Handmade Sellers

social media tips for handmade seller success

Goals for 2020 and Beyond
I intend to blog more regularly and to be more social - getting out to places I follow and promote on my handmade trends twitter to see what the arts community is doing discovering while following my curiosities.  

It has been truly exciting for me to navigate the learning and growing - and I wish all of you success with a set of goals going thru 2020 and a new decade!

~ Tala


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