Glamorous Masquerade Mask Tutorials

glamorous and easy and unique masquerade mask tutorials

I bet you didn't know I had a thing for handmade masquerade masks, did you?   Well I do - only if they are uniquely exotic, quality made, and glamorous.  Perfect for a ball worthy soiree or house gathering for two (Hello, Plague Doctor).

Used as a base to adorn, my favorite masquerade mask accessory at the moment is a golden filigree laser cut metal mask  pictured above - that I embellish with wrapped crystals, feathers or tiny flowers depending on the evening I am coordinating to. 

If you want to design your own, having fun creating a look and embellishing it is a fabulous delight with these easy and glam tutorials I'm happy to share

Designed with Paper Scrapbooking Supplies, a mask tutorial from G45Papers Blog

masquerade mask designed with stationary and scrapbooking supplies

Super glam, easy and stays put -  try a Lace Mask Makeup Tutorial from AirahMorenaTV

Incredibly beautiful mask and my next project - using a glue gun, silicon molds and metallic paints - follow along for a Leaf Mask Tutorial from Klaire de Lys Blog

handmade leaf face mask diy

Be inspired and creative!

~ Tala


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