Giving Thanks | Crafting Thanksgiving Memories

Easy Interactive Thanksgiving Memories Crafts to DIY

Giving thanks is the core of Thanksgiving Day, being mindful of our blessings and expressing gratitude.

As we gather on our festive day - having an interactive Thanksgiving activity to preserve the memories and share a bit of fun with our guests is an effortless do-it-yourself craft you can put together in a snap!

DIY Gratitude Tree and Party Favor

Crafting a Gratitude Tree is a fun activity for all ages, and beautifully displayed makes a special touch at the dinner or dessert table while having your guests written sentiments to later share.

Interactive Thanksgiving Memory Craft Scrapbook Ideas

Pass around a scrapbook for your guests to record their special moments and commemorate the day.  Save room to add back photos and mementos.   Link to Scrapbook Ideas and Templates

Do you have any festive traditions or rituals to share?.... Leave a comment in the blog post.

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to You & Yours,

~ Tala


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