Patina Crafts | 3 Handmade Art Techniques

learn the different techniques to patina home art and decor

With it's cool blues and greens, the look of patina in art and home decor is a trend that will never fade - and these weathered looks are replicated in uncommon ways on glass and wood as well as traditional metals in a variety of techniques.

toning technique to patina pennies

Toning is a method using salt, water and voltage to induce a chemical patina reaction as demonstrated in this copper penny tutorial from WikiHow.   This is an easy and effective way to embellish small items such as charms for jewelry making or components to a larger project.

patina technique tutorials for art and handmade decor

Chemical applications and ready made treatments can be found in craft shops and home improvement stores.  These formulas can speed up the process of aging and are wonderful to work with for quick results or to work with specific areas in mixed media projects.   I caution this because even the most experienced professional may happen to overlook an allergy or reaction to a trace elemental chemical, as I speak from personal sulfur allergy awareness.

Painting patina techniques are the simplest and you can control the depth of your hues to sealing the project from oxidation or wear.    Daily Art on YouTube has a series of fun tutorials to try

learn how to create the look of patina for handmade arts

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