Best T-Shirt Refashion Ideas | DIY Tutorials

turn your tees into stylish summer accessories

Restyle and refashion your summer tees into one of a kind stylish accessories with little or no sewing skills with these tutorials from the Bloggers: tee refashion tutorials

From lattice stud designs to more tailored looks - check out for 25 Genius T-Shirt refashions that are super stylish

turn a mans t-shirt into a pair of running shorts

I was amazed by this refashion of turning a t-shirt into a pair of gym shorts from LetGoOfBeingPerfect Blog

refashion a t-shirt into a stylish braid collar tank top

Using the cut off pieces of t-shirt - learn how to make and refashion a tee into a stylish braid collar tank top from Create-Enjoy Blog

Learn how to cut t-shirts and get ideas for 4 styles of summer fun designs from Jessica Parsell on YouTube

Very impressive & quite fun project I hope you try!

~ Tala

Image and Tutorial Credits:
Jessica Parsell on YouTube


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