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Horoscope art inspired by constellations and 12 dancing princesses

Gazing to the heavens as they fall and dance in the night sky, you won't always notice the distinct lines of the 12 clusters of stars - but luckily there are interpreters to guide us as we read symbols for these astrological representations - and there are plenty of creative inspirations for making your own zodiac art!  

Be dazzled and watch BuzzFeed Nifty YouTube's tutorial for making light-up constellation wall art with a supply list and instructions right on their page 

Clay form your own constellation trinket dishes, decorate with metallic paints and beads or crystals with a step by step how-to from Darice 

supply list and instructions for clay form dish from Darice Blog

Keep it trendy with fabulous ideas for making astrological zodiac accessories and art from The Sorry Girls YouTube page

For cardmaking craft or wall art, follow along with Dawn Nicole Blog for a constellation watercolor art tutorial from Fox + Hazel

fox + hazel watercolor step by step tutorial for making constellations

Making with kids of all ages, cosplay and just because crafting - personalize your craft to your sign - I happen to be an Aries and am quite partial to horns!  Follow along at Wonderful DIY Blog's 12 craft projects for every astrological sign.

diy aries ram horns

Be inspired!

~ Tala


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