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make your own classic little black dress and keep it trendy

I think we all have that little black dress tucked in our wardrobe - although a timeless fashion piece and classic staple - does it deserve a makeover for 2019 trends?   

Consult the Style Guides!

Travel back in history and learn about the evolution of the classic Little Black Dress with a recap of styles and trends thru the decades from Readers Digest.

see how the little black dress stayed a classic as it evolved

How is the LBD trending now?  See 13 of the best Little Black Dresses for 2019 via this link from Glowsly:

see what styles of little black dress are trending now

Are you curvy?   Want a certain length for height?   Hide the flaws and accentuate your best features?  Finding the perfect Little Black Dress to flatter your figure with a roundup of styles from Pattern Review:

Little Black Dress style guide for your figure

To get you inspired to make your own Little Black Dress - enjoy this easy and quick DIY tutorial from GiannyL on YouTube 

What is your favorite style Little Black Dress, and do you have a tutorial to share?   Leave a comment for us!

~  Tala

Post Reference and Image Credits:
GiannyL on YouTube


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