Watermelon Is The New Meat | Recipes

dinner entree recipes with watermelon as the main ingredient

The best way to catch the pulse of culture trends is to immerse into it having candid conversations with a diverse group...... and this is why I love my job! 

My current mini-assignment put me into a cluster of vibrant young women. Like the living pages of the latest Cosmo issue, the recent conversations included a debate about gel nails, examples of amazing hand painted techniques for henna designs, the spirit of family living thru you, to Tinder or to Hinge .... and that watermelon is the new meat!

Using watermelon as the main ingredient, you can prepare it pan seared, roasted, or sauteed - read on for some savory eclectic recipes:

Watermelon Pad Thai from

Watermelon Curry from Kitchn

Taboule Stacks With Chicken  from

cooking with watermelon vegetarian meat alternatives

Tasty!   Have you tried watermelon as the main ingredient in an entree?   Leave a comment for us! 

~ Tala


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