Restyle A Boring Umbrella | DIY

custom style and refashion an umbrella

Dreary rainy days are the pits and there is nothing fabulous about being enveloped in and staring at the ceiling of a boring umbrella when you hear the thud of raindrops as you cringe while your swanky heels and ankles get splashed with grimy sidewalk water ..... are you smiling yet?  Didn't think so!

There is something to brighten the mood and make you feel a bit better on those wet mornings - and that is to custom refashion and style up your umbrella with these tips from the bloggers.  Read on:

Fruit Slice Umbrellas from Studio DIY

Rose Stencil Border Umbrella from Two Happy Hearts Blog

Secret Message Vinyl Transfer  from Inspiration Made Simple Blog

Gold Scalloped Edge Umbrella from Sarah Hearts Blog

refashion and customize your umbrella

Much better, isn't that?

~ Tala


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