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My previous post in the Handmade Blog series discussed Goggle's Search Quality Team advice on keeping the focus of your blog content on the User and featured an easy video tutorial on how to start a blog on Blogger Blogspot.

Today we will wrap it up with some etiquette tips from Bloggers, using and finding finding images for your blog post, and pointers for where to submit your blog so that readers can find and follow you!

Using images that are your own for your blog is a wonderful way to show your craft and your product.  Using someone else's images without attribution or permission is not a good thing to do.  Sourcing stock photos that are free original images for your blog couldn't be easier with this comprehensive list and brief guideline from My Modern Met.

Etiquette rules for bloggers are straightforward and these tips are a good reminder that the blogging community is a supportive and interactive community:

Blogger To Blogger Etiquette from Coffee With Summer Blog

17 Elements of Blogging Etiquette  from Fairy Blog Mother

Promote your blog and get it in front of readers.   Link thru to some great community suggestions about where you can submit blogs and blog posts as well as find favorite blogs to follow:

Submission Sites for DIY Blogs   from The Crafty VA Blog

Send me your blog link and Congratulations on launching your new blog,

Happy Blogging!

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