Plant A Pizza Garden

plant and grow your own ingredients and style your garden like a pizza

Getting your kids involved in gardening is one of the best activities you can do!  From planning and tending to enjoying the harvest rewards - the lessons learned are patience, responsibility of caring, resourcefulness and the rewarding (and delicious) feeling of accomplishment.

Pizza gardens are great fun projects ideas - and what kid doesn't like pizza?

Customize and map your garden out, if you are planting big or small outdoors or making an indoor container garden, get your kids involved in the mapping.   Deciding what you want on your pizza is an easy decision for what to grow in your garden.    GrowVeg on YouTube has lots of video gardening minis with hints and tips as well as this pizza garden video:

For more inspiration, check out HGTV for an article with precise instructions and materials list for planting a pizza garden

Get your hands in dirt and plant something!

~ Tala


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