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use seller fulfillment services and run your handmade shop 24/7

So often customers find the perfect handmade item and want to purchase from your shop but it is closed because you are taking time off, are busy on vacation or traveling exhibiting at shows. 

Sometimes a handmade shop will auto reply with a sweet messaged notice that IF an order is placed - there will be a delay in shipping their purchase because of your time off!

What does that do for your business? ...... it means a LOST SALE!

A customer wants a hassle free experience & they want to buy NOW, or they move on.

keep your shop always open for customers with a fulfillment service

Using a seller fulfillment service keeps your shop open year round and 24/7 ...... always!

I have been using a Seller Fulfillment Service since I opened my Amazon Handmade shop and have traveled one entire summer into the fall and even kept a full time job with no handmade business interruption at all, making sales.     How does it work for me?    Read on,

  • My product is always available for my customer
  • My fulfillment center acknowledges the customer sale, collects the proceeds, preps the product for shipping to the customer and sends out all shipment correspondence, sometimes before I realize I made a sale.
  • During the busy holiday season - it was my miracle set of virtual extra hands and virtual staff keeping track of orders, shipping them and making customers happy!
  • If there is a problem, the fulfillment center answers shipping issues, issues refunds or replacements, processes return requests, and restocks your products if needed without me getting involved in the transaction.
  • I have a complete set of reports available for my records in the moment and in a cumulative report to review

My only point of customer contact involvement is an expression of gratitude after the sale and making sure the customer had a wonderful buying experience from my shop.
use customer fulfillment to increase handmade sales

Using the service with your handmade shop is easy.   Under normal circumstances even without time off or travel, and even as I designed and handmade inventory while away from my studio, this is how it worked -

  • Inventory is shipped to a fulfillment service center using my mobile phone app or laptop and from the nearest mail shipping service in whatever state I was in at the time

  • The fulfillment service center sorted, placed and rendered my inventory to my handmade shop - available for customer purchase when it was received

use FBA with your handmade shop and be open every day round the clock

Effortless,..... and I had peace of mind that my inventory was safe, always available, things were running smoothly, customer's needs were being met, and I was making sales while taking time away.

Learn about being a Handmade Fulfillment Seller and Grow your business to be available for your customer 24/7

Be successful!

~ Tala


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