Metal | Forming and Stamping Trendy Jewelry

Learn how to form and stamp trendy metal jewelry

Learn about the process and appreciate the craftsmanship of trendy handmade metal formed and stamped jewelry.  

See the handmade process of making metal jewelry blanks used by artisans that turn into a canvas for your stamped jewelry 

Have you ever wondered how that stylish metal cuff bracelet was made?    Watch a hydraulic press make uniform bends from a flat sheet of metal

Read and watch craftsmen and jewelers demonstrate how to make a press, use a metal press and stamp jewelry:

Learn how to make your own manual hydrolic press from Ganoksin

Learn to to stamp jewelry with this video tutorial from Rio Grande

Learn how to make jewelry using impression dies  from Joni at Get Hammered Metalsmith Studio 

Be inspired 

~ Tala


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