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Learn about medieval cooking like the Game Of Thrones

With the Game Of Thrones airing soon I thought it would be fun to learn about preparing medieval foods, markets and diets of the middle ages, feasting rituals, and the types of foods favored common to the era - and to the Seven Kingdoms.

I'm currently reading A Feast Of Ice and Fire - The Official Game Of Thrones Cookbook and getting my Khaleesi on!  The concept of open hearth cooking is the same today as it was ages ago.  Stocking a contemporary kitchen with medieval ingredients may not be so easy, but this cookbook is filled with tips and recipes inspired by the sigils of the Game Of Thrones regions including substitutions and definitions.

Don't forget medieval beverages!   Thrillist has a wine selection drink of choice for Westeros fans and I have an easy and delicious homemade honey wine recipe for you.

Game Of Thrones Wine

Lastly, every feast needs the perfect cake!    Enjoy this fabulous video tutorial for how-to make an Iron Throne Cake with a splendid soundtrack

“Everything's better with some wine in the belly.” 
― George R.R. Martin

~ Tala


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