Mead | 5 Delicious Honey Wine Recipes

Take it from a Mead Girl .... once you enjoy that first dangerously delicious sip - the rest goes down like water!  Made with 3 simple base ingredients of honey, water and yeast along with optional flavors, you don't need many expensive supplies to make your own Mead mix

easy to make and have on hand make Mead for summer entertaining

Growing up and seeing bottled fermentations with honey was quite common at my grandmother's house.  These homemade beverages were a summer delight the adults enjoyed sitting around a long picnic table beside the rose trellis...... while I was too young and too busy catching fireflies.     

If you start now, you can enjoy your own thirst quenchers when warm weather hits because these home brews will be ready in about 8 weeks!  Follow along for some recipes:

Elderberry Mead Recipe  from  Pixies Pocket Blog

Maple Mead  from  Grey Dragon Blog

Vanilla Bean Chamomile Mead  from  Pixies Pocket Blog

Blackberry Mead from  Grow Forage Cook Ferment Blog


~ Tala


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