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make and link your own side bar gadgets for blogger

Making your own custom gadgets for the side bar of your Blogger couldn't be simpler!   If you can compose, copy, paste - you can do it - no coding needed!

Gadgets in side bars are useful redirects to more information and are usually anchors that open in posts or in pages beyond the front page of your blog.   Use them to link to your shop, promote an inventory item, link a membership badge to a place you are affiliated, direct visitors to your social media.   You can do anything!  Be creative with images like the one I mocked up in Google Drawings for this post.  Place many side bar gadgets on your blog, the more the merrier - but use different SEO friendly links - and check your links!    

I created and posted a side bar gadget to direct readers to my Handmade Blog Seller Success series within this blog to individual posts linked, go explore the links and see the pages open in new tabs.

Now make your own!   

The first step is to set up your page that will be kept in drafts and you will NEVER publish it.
-  Go to your Blogger Admin page
- Open a New Post
- Title the post ***do not publish*** side bar

The second step will be to compose your gadget
- Make sure you are in the compose mode of your blog post page
- Render your image with upload icon and select
- Adjust the image by clicking on it and choose size to small and centered on the page
- Use the link command and make a relevant link to whatever you are linking and check off open in a new tab, enter and Save
- It's optional to type text and link like I did in my side bar, if your do - repeat and continue for as many links as you want to create

The last step will be to set up the gadget on your blog
- Open a new Blogger Admin page in a new tab, you now have two open while you work on this
- Go to Layout
- Choose Add a Gadget- After the pop-up opens - choose HTML/Java Script
- Go to your blog post tab and switch from "Compose" to "HTML" mode
- Copy the entire code of the html page 
- Paste that code in the HTML Gadget in your new blog tab page, click Save 
- Place the gadget into position on your side bar, click save arrangement 
- Go to view blog to see if you are pleased with it - if you are - you are almost done!
- Go to your blog post where you composed the gadget post and Save as Draft, you are now finished.

Tada!   Post back with your blog link and show us what you did,



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