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Easy Recipe and Guide fro Making your own soap

If you can cook and precisely follow a recipe - you can make soap!
There is nothing intimidating about making your own soaps and beauty products.   The benefits are creating something natural to use and that is perfect for your skin type,  modding it with your favorite features like extra bubbles or the strength of your favorite scent preference.  You are making something luxurious that you will enjoy!

As long as you measure correctly, use the proper ingredients and get a recipe from a trusted source - you can do this!   

The first book I picked up before I decided to make soap a serious craft was The Soapmaker's Companion, and it gave me a comprehensive understanding about techniques, supplies, and how to start a handmade soap business.

recipes for rose scented handmade soap

The soap images in this post are my own recipes, a rose scented vanilla soap and a lavender infused loaf.   

Just like building a kitchen pantry - it took me a while to collect my special scents, additives and inclusions.  If you want a quick start or to try the craft  before you invest, there are varieties of handmade soapmaking starter kits available to get you started. 

Make your own fancy melt and pour soap as demonstrated in these videos.  There is nothing ordinary about these pretty soaps and they are a great beginner soapmaking technique as you get used to how the craft behaves and what your imagination can make come to life!

Step by Step how to make Lavender, Lemon Zest and Honey Soap

Make pretty soap rosettes to use as inclusions in glycerine soap bases 

Add decorative dried flowers to your melt and pour soap

With Mother's Day coming up - this is a wonderful handmade craft idea to try that just might turn into a little handmade business for you.

Be Inspired!

~ Tala


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