Hand-Painted Whimsical Coffins

Coffin Club members are personalizing their final underground furniture

There comes a point in time when something triggers the reality of mortality.  Taking charge of your destiny and personalizing your final resting box is all about attitude and flipping fingers at death as proven by the members of the Coffin Clubs of New Zealand!

With a healthy outlook on life and dying, these member communities are living their days to the fullest with laughter and supportive love while being empowered with creativity and imagination as they custom decorate and personalize their own coffins.

Empowered by creativity and a healthy attitude about dying they create their own coffins

Doing it their way, these underground furniture boxes reflect unique personalities and are decorated as life stories or hobbies.  When the coffins are completed they can be stored for a small fee, or better yet - they can be appreciated and enjoyed as "living" room furniture cupboards, bookshelves, coffee tables or whatever you can imagine! 

The Coffin Club members custom personalize their own coffins

Live, Love & Laugh Always!

~ Tala


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