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Producing highly artistic results, textile printing by hand  is a slow and very intricate process.

The process involves a design that is drawn and transferred to wooden blocks. A separate block is required for each distinct color in the design. A blockcutter carves out the wood around the heavier masses first, leaving the finer and more delicate work until several blocks each transferring a unique color are created. When they are carved, the blocks have the appearance of a flat relief carving with the design standing out.   Printing the pattern is done by applying color to the blocks one at a time in sequence after the first color dries, and hand-pressing each block on the cloth.

learn how to hand stamp and block print cloth

This ancient art of block printing and stamping cloth is still practiced today!   With the help of expert bloggers, learn how to make your own block and try block printing your own fabric

DIY Block Printing on Fabric tutorial from  The Painted Hive

Make Your Own Wood Block  from My Modern Met

The handmade artisan community offers various one of a kind treasures created by block stamping prints on placematshand stamped bedroom decor, block stamped patterned handbag totes, and even wood block stamps to create your own textile art.

Have you ever tried block printing or have a tip?  Leave us a comment!

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