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Video via National Geographic Short Film Showcase

Watch one of the last Paper Makers in Europe create paper by hand  mixing fibers like cotton, flax, hemp, and rags for his creations. Adding in a few inclusions such as love letters, bank notes, music sheets, and recycled newspaper before placing it on a monogrammed screen, he creates a masterpiece canvas used by writers and artists.

learn about making handmade paper and try some fun activities to make your own DIY

When you put evolution of communication and information into perspective with this civilizations' lifespan - it really is a recent event, and one that makes you appreciate how far we've progressed since the ancient stone cutters and parchment skin recorded events.

customize the inclusions and make your own paper pulp

Now you try it!  Learn how to make paper and perhaps turn it into a learning project experience with your kids. I'm linking a few fun how-to idea tutorials from the Bloggers:

Learn something new every day!

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