Ankle Bracelet and Spring Shoe Trends

ankle bracelet trends and style

Ankle bracelets have been worn for centuries by girls and women in all cultures and since pre-Dynastic times in Egypt.  In the US anklets have been fashionable since the 1930s - and today the trend still rages and includes men! 

Are there meanings to wearing anklets, you ask 
YES!, I say  
It means that you like them and should wear them!  

Timeless & Simple
Minimalist ankle bracelet chains designed in gold or silver, embellished with or without gems are always in style and pair with fun fashion as well as conservative shoes!

minimalist ankle chains for work and fun fashion

Casual & Earthy
Leather anklets, gemstone bead ankle bracelets and knotted rope chains are a popular for casual style and many are gender neutral!

earthy gemstone, leather and knotted rope anklet trends

Men's Anklets
Now so vast and hip, the selection ranges from simple chains to charm ankle bracelets for men.

2019 ankle bracelet trends for men

Anklets for Ankle Shoe Trends
Ankle bracelets need to keep up with the shoe trends - when pairing with booties or spring ankle shoes - look for a bold ankle bracelet chain that wont get lost in the shoe and will stand up to more rugged wear.

(tiny disclosure - this is my own shop - but I couldn't find another product like it to show you!)

2019 ankle bracelet trends with spring shoe trends

Measure and Comfort Fit

Fit should be comfortable and the drape should coordinate with the heels of your footwear.

How to measure
Measure your ankle with your shoe on
Cut string, yarn or use a chain and drape it on your ankle
Then measure that end-to-end against some sort of ruler

Have fun with your jewelry!

~ Tala


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