3 Display Worthy Cherry Blossom Art DIY

video art tutorials and diy for cherry blossom art

Making display worthy Cherry Blossom Art couldn't be easier with these how-to posts and videos from the Bloggers:

learn how tomake cherry blossom home art

Make a lifelike Cherry Blossom display
I found this image from Good Houskeeping but without a tutorial, so I hunted down a blog post detailing how to make delicate tissue paper cherry blossom flowers from Practically Functional Blog

Freeform brush paint a Cherry Blossom branch in bloom.  I love how forgiving painting branches is and how the Cherry Blossom colors range from the palest pink to a dark grey hue.  

Make 3D Cherry Blossom canvas art for your walls using paints and air dry clay.  Make a few of them and create a vignette of Sakura blossom art

Be inspired!

~ Tala


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