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learn about eyelash extensions and see how a pair eyelashes are handmade

me:      Hello "Friday"..... what are you up to this weekend?
them:   Oh me?..... I'm just going to get some eyelash extensions set!

This was my morning phone conversation today checking in with my tribe & company.  It got me thinking as I was driving and I remembered a handmade vending exhibitor invitation I accepted a few years ago from a plastic surgeon.  Kind of a poshy catered event with a string quartet playing and lots of cosmetic and beauty industry news with Speakers, where incidentally I first learned specific details about lip tattoos.  Well, the woman I exhibited next to was going on and on about her eyebrow tattoos, and "me" being blessed quite blonde sans visible eyebrows, I was intrigued and put that on my must do list I didn't get to yet!   And now eyelashes .... for the second time within a few weeks I am hearing about eyelash improvements and blondes also have eyelash issues!  Need to know more....

So whats with the eyelashes?  Turns out they are hand cultivated and can be mink, synthetic or horse hair.  There is a difference between false eyelashes and extensions and the early published etiquette to ladies eyelashes dates back to the 1800s.  Who knew?

I needed to know even more!   I found a cool video showing the painstaking patience working with a pair of tweezers to hand assemble a pair of eyelashes:

I am sold on this trend!  Now I need to figure out the details.   Cosmo's article guide comes to the rescue!   Do I want to be cute - natural - or sexy, how long should my lash be, how intense of a curl do I want, and how many lashes do I need?  Its the year of being selfish and self care,  so link up for tips on:  choosing the perfect eyelash extensions

Tips of choosing the perfect eyelash extensions

I'm winking at you!

~ Tala


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