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wood, rattan and natural material trends with handmade diy

Representing style in fashion and home goods that gives us a sense of the environment and nature -  examples of bamboo, wood, natural fiber products are everywhere!

Recent examples in my own life support by this trend.   Last week I stopped by my son's office and his handsomeness was wearing wood frame sunglasses something like this pair I linked.   I gift shipped a cool and trendy wood watch to my other son as a surprise and he absolutely loved it!   While department store shopping, I kept seeing displays of this bamboo style handbag styled with colorful scarf inserts.

2019 product trends in wood and bamboo with handmade tutorials

With awareness of how synthetic materials effect out environment, trends and consumer preferences are gearing toward eco friendly, compostable and sustainable materials as shown in these examples from various articles and insights at

Compostable eco wound care PATCH bandages are crafted with 100% organic bamboo fiber

Stylish eco friendly shoes made from bamboo, cork, bison fiber, algae foam, rice husks, rubber tree sap and merino wool

Design conscious coffee press Kawamboo that is sustainable and comes in eco-friendly packaging

handmade trend tutorials for stylish wood craft

Makers aren't left out of this trend as we are seeing lots of wood, rattan, straw and bamboo products handmade and upcycled.   Link and browse thru the following DIY and Tutorial maker posts to be inspired:

Step by Step - Making a Bamboo Bracelet

Painted Bamboo Necklace Jewelry DIY

Trendy Bamboo and Hemp Bracelet Tutorial

19 Ways to Use Bamboo To Home Decorate

25 Amazing Bamboo Furniture and Decor DIY Links

Stay Stylish!

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