Tips For Craft Show Success

Getting organized and creative with craft show selling, branding, and your vending space to compliment your craft means sales and success!

tips and video from experienced Craft Show Sellers

Read on for some helpful advice and tips to consider from experienced Fair Crafters,

CreativeLive Blog has a great inspiration post with imaginative and creative craft show displays as well as experienced tips to consider when vending your craft or art.

IndieMade blog has a wonderful article with last minute advice on how to survive the day, be comfortable and always prepared because preparation is key to a successful craft show.

lyriclover810 over on YouTube put together a series of videos that are a must to check out and you can start with her Top 5 Craft Fair Tips for sellers

If you are creative and not that handy but have something in mind - check out all of ready made props and clever displays for craft shows available for purchase here

Be creative - Be inspired - Be successful

~ Tala


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