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Reasons and tips to start blogging for your handmade business

Starting a blog is one of the easiest and best ways to give your handmade sales a boost, drive web traffic to your shop and promote to your customers in ways that you are limited in a handmade shop or marketplace.

Whether you want to give your current blog a refresh or start a beginner no skills one - get comfortable, take notes and read on for some things to consider when you do it yourself:

Ask yourself how and why you want to blog?  
  • Promote and display your inventory 
  • Show your expert skill and the process of your craft
  • Be a human face and voice to build customer confidence
  • Keep it as a place and name holder to direct traffic to your marketplace

First steps to starting a handmade blog

After you figure out your blog's purpose, the rest is simple!
  • Brainstorm a name for your blog - keep it relevant to what you do and who you are, and most of all invest in the name as a .com and secure it.
  • Find a host and place to blog - I am using Blogger right now because its easy to start and easy to migrate when I decide to move it. Search for web-hosting sites and pick one. Find a free help guide or a compatible Dummies Book and follow the instructions step by step.
  • Join a Blogging Web Community -  keep learning and build your blog outline with ideas!  I am on Bloglovin and the venue is full of helpful and supportive Bloggers that post basic tips, lessons learned, guides for various types of blogs, and bloggers to make your blog a success!

I am starting you on your how-to-blog quest, and without being overwhelmed by their advice, read what seasoned bloggers have to say about it:

5 Tips To Start A Blog   from Emma Reed

Should I Start A Blog? How to Overcome Your Fear!  from Effy Talks Life Blog

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start A Blog   from That Backpacker

Check back next week - by then you will have your mind set on what is important to you -  and I will have some tidbits to share about content, making relevant links and keeping it all cohesively organized

~ Tala


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