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showcase the details and features of your handmade product
Bright and detail focused photos showing the best features of your marketplace product are going to make your handmade sale!

Could do better with your photography?  A customer will make a decision look or buy in a blink and the tipping point will be how your listing presents itself.

Do I use a clear white background or a handmade vignette that may not match my customers style?

Do I model my own goods, use a model and is my model similar to my customer?

Can my customer see the details of the gemstone or texture of the home goods?

links and handmade photography tips from the experts

Read on for some advice and visual inspiration:

Product Photography Tips For Crafters  from Craftaholics Anonymous 

The Ultimate DIY Guide to Beautiful Product Photography  from Shopify Blogs

take effortless handmade product photos with the Amazon Seller app
To learn about my own photography struggles and successes, see how I took this effortless photo for my handmade shop  EASY HANDMADE PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY | SELLER TIPS

Be Successful!

~  Tala


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