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handmade silver and gold leaf shell pendant by Boot Jewelry Shop on Amazon

I think we all wore the salty shell on a knotted rope anklet or bracelet when we were younger, but now Fashion Forward and the shell is a new sparkly glam!

" The souvenir-inspired trend has gone well beyond a niche jewelry adornment loved by influencers and fashion insiders to a full-blown mega-craze. They don’t just appear on jewelry anymore but have now expanded to bags, shoes, hair accessories, clothing, and more. It’s not just under-the-radar indie brands selling them; it’s everyone from Altuzarra and Alexander McQueen to Zara and Mango. The trend includes real-life shells, shell prints, and shell embroidery. "  

Link to their article to see examples of the trend.

diy shell jewelry tutorials

Now use your own creative imagination and design something glam using these tutorials as guides:

15 DIY Shell Jewelry Ideas  by CubeInCircle YouTube

How to Make Seashell Jewelry – 9 Shellicious Tutorials    by Beach Bliss Living

Shell Jewelry Inspiration  from the Free People Blog

Use The Inspiration but Be Creative!

~ Tala


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